About Us

American Veteran Environmental Services, Inc. (AVESI) is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business headquartered in Springfield, IL that specializes in radiological consulting and procurement services.

AVESI was founded by Ronald P. Broccardo (CEO). AVESI is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that was incorporated in the state of Delaware on February 17, 2004. Mr. Broccardo served in the Army from November 6, 1967 to October 29, 1969 as a field medic in Vietnam. Mr. Broccardo’s overall or combined rating for disability is 60%. Mr. Broccardo is also a bronze star recipient for his heroism during combat.

AVESI is an ambitious company providing innovative, professional and technical services to support our clients and their projects. AVESI offers government clients specific business status to provide a path toward meeting their required business goals.

AVESI was founded on a variety of skills and experience in the radiological remediation and environmental industries. AVESI combines business know-how with strong backgrounds in environmental work. This combination of talents enables AVESI to assist our clients in making sound business and environmental decisions.

As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, AVESI is well positioned to assist any government agency as well as any primary contractor in meeting important business goals. Current government goals require many contractors and government agencies to use at least 3% service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses. However, recent figures show that less than .05% of government contracts are awarded to Veteran-Owned Businesses. This information suggests that there is not only great potential for qualified Veteran-Owned businesses but a demand for qualified SDVOSB.

Meet the Team

Ron Broccardo - AVESI's Founder

Ron BraccardoMr. Broccardo’s disability rating decision was provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA File Number 25865196). Mr. Broccardo’s overall or combined rating for disability is 60%.

Mr. Broccardo is also a bronze star recipient for his heroism in action in Vietnam on March 3, 1969. While serving as a medical aid man he rushed to the aid of two injured men under direct fire, disregarding his own safety and cared for their wounds until the men were safety evacuated.
Mr. Broccardo was drafted by the United States Army on November 6, 1967. He served in the Army from November 6, 1967 to October 29, 1969 as a field medic in Vietnam. During his two years of active service Mr. Broccardo spent his time in the midst of extreme combat. After returning home Mr. Broccardo served three years as an Army Reservist and one year in the National Guard.

David Lyerla

Mr. Lyerla is the co-founder and Vice President of American Veteran Environmental Services, Inc. (AVESI). He is directly responsible for the overall day to day operations of American Veteran Environmental Services. Mr. Lyerla has the ability to oversee and manage operations varying from large efforts to the smallest tasks. Mr. Lyerla has the fortunate experience of working in the environmental field from field execution to project close-out.

Since February 2005, Mr. Lyerla has been the co-owner and Vice President of AVESI. Business development in government Procurement and Environmental Services has been the focus for last two years. Procurement contracts have paved the way for generating revenues necessary to pursue environmental services with the government agencies and their primary contractors. He is responsible for the execution of over 35 procurement contracts as well as 6 service provider contracts.

Prior to AVESI, Mr. Lyerla was a Senior Health Physicist with Science Applications International Corporation for 9 years. In this role he would oversee MARSSIM final status surveys at the FUSRAP St. Louis Site, and served as the Radiation Protection Manager. Responsibilities included reviewing radiological surveys, writing survey plans and reports, training of personnel, writing Health and Safety Work Permits (HSWPs), procedural development (including USACE procedures), design implementation of MARSSIM sampling and surveying strategies, statistical data evaluations, MARSSIM Final Status Survey Plan development, radiological survey and removal action oversight. Design and implement investigational radiological gamma walkover/drive-over surveys including GPS/GIS data collection, evaluation and management.

Previous project experience includes the following:

Field Manager/Radiation Protection Manager (02/06 – 05/06): CVNPA Parr Reactor Site Decommissioning: Performed final status survey of 12 acre reactor site including containment building and all support buildings. Designed MARSSIM based sample plans and conducted surveying and sampling of soils, sediment, groundwater, and concrete. Provide program over-site to ensure MARSSIM compliance during final status survey. Also assumed the role of the Site Safety and Health Officer.

Radiation Protection Manager (10/03 – 12/07) Harshaw FUSRAP Site – Cleveland OH: Responsible for implementation and oversight of the radiation protection program at the Harshaw Site.

Assistant Radiation Protection Manager (06/03 – 09/03): Westinghouse Electric Company – Hematite, MO: This facility is a uranium fuel rod processing plant going through site assessment, decommissioning, demolition and eventually remediation. Responsible for compliance with the radiation protection plan, procedural implementation and the safety during field investigation activities. Conducted daily safety briefings for all field activities and activity hazard analysis for field tasks.

Assistant Radiation Protection Manager (06/03 – 06/05): FUSRAP St Louis: Responsible for implementation of the SAIC radiation protection program in accordance with United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) radiation safety regulations (EM- 385-1-1 and EM-385-1-80) at three FUSRAP sites in EPA Region VII.

Senior Health Physics Technician (06/01 – 05/04): Niagara Falls Storage Site – Lewiston, NY: Conducted a MARSSIM based gamma walkover survey for the USACE covering the entire 200 acre site. Areas were divided into Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 areas determining coverage concentration. Managed all data collected and briefed the USACE representative on progress weekly. Continued providing Health Physics support throughout the Feasibility Study.

Senior Health Physics Technician (07/00 – 10/00): Madison Site Extrusion Building – Madison County IL: Responsible for the execution of the MARSSIM based final status survey plan. Surveys included all impacted structures as well as contamination extent and migration path samples. Assisted collected data with the ISOCS machine. Work was performed for USACE.

Senior Health Physics Technician (05/96 – 11/98): DOE Weldon Spring Site Remedial Action Program – Weldon Spring, MO: Provided health physics over site and remediation guidance for Raffinate Pit 4 and the Site Water Treatment Plant. Work was performed for Jacobs Engineering.