AVESI has provided radiological technical support across the country at sites located in Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Virginia, South Carolina, New York and more. Below is an example of our technical expertise and support at select sites.

US Air ForceCannon AFB, United States Air Force, Clovis, NM: (2019)
Radiological remedial investigation of a small known landfill in preparation for utility service line installment. Suspected Magnesium/Thorium aircraft parts and radioluminescent products. Duties include:

  • Radiation Protection Program
  • Radiological gamma radiation walkover surveys (Pre and Post excavation)
  • Radio Isotope characterization of radioactive materials using a handheld gamma spectroscopy
  • Radiological soil sampling and surveying
  • Sample preparation and shipping surveys

US Air ForceEllsworth AFB, United States Air Force Box Elder, SD: (2019)
Remediation of two radiologically controlled monoliths and remedial investigation of 91 additional anomalies. Duties include:

  • Radiation Protection Program
  • On-site personnel and perimeter air monitoring
  • Gamma radiation surveys (pre and post-remediation)
  • Radiation Shipping surveys
  • Equipment and personnel surveys – incoming and release
  • Radiological soil sampling and surveying
  • Sample preparation and shipping

US Army Corps of EngineersSuperior Steel Carnegie, PA United States Army Corps of Engineers: (2019)
Data Gap investigation requiring concrete floor demolition to access historical trenches used as catch basins during Uranium metal rolling activities. Duties Included:

  • Radiation Protection - Site Safety and Health Field Officer for the project
  • Pre-demolition area gamma radiation surveys
  • Radiation soil, water and sediment sampling
  • Sample prep for shipment to the laboratory
  • Excavation gamma radiation surveys
  • IDW control and shipping
  • Site release surveys for equipment and field demobilization

US Army Corps of EngineersUS Army Corps of Engineers NORCO/SLDS Sites, St. Louis MO: (1998 - Present)
All St. Louis FUSRAP sites contain radioactive soil contamination consistent with Manhattan Engineering District (MED) project waste streams, which include all decay isotopes associated with the Uranium 238 natural decay series. Since 1998 AVESI personnel have participated in or developed every aspect of this remedial investigation project including:

Site Characterizations

  • Participated in the radiological characterization of over 85 vicinity properties (VP) in north county, SLDS, and city properties including:
    • GPS assisted gamma walkover survey
    • Investigational sampling:
      • Surface/sub-surface soil sampling
      • Surface water sampling - Outfalls and runoff sampling
      • Concrete and building material sampling
    • Bounding surface and subsurface extent contamination
    • Review analytical results of soil samples collected
    • Preparing GPS data and GIS mapping using Arcview software
    • Prepared Predesign Investigation report
    • Instrumentation and GPS quality control and quality assurance


  • Preparation of North County Record of Decision (ROD)
  • Executed MARSSIM-based verifications
  • On-site radiological laboratory support
  • Planning and implementation of site characterization, remedial action support, final status surveys, environmental monitoring, and CERCLA documentation for three NPL listed sites and over 85 vicinity properties
  • Development of CERCLA Decision Documents addressing final remedy for two NPL sites contaminated with heavy metals and radionuclides
  • Instrumental in remedial action designs which included detailed information on excavation, grading, shoring, contaminated materials removal, clearing, seeding, temporary construction, site control, environmental compliance, erosion control, traffic control, particulate control, water and stormwater control, sampling, transportation, and disposal
  • Radiation Protection Manager (RPM) for all MARSSIM based field activities including, oversite of the sampling process, data collection, staffing, and execution of all independent verification requests. Wrote MARSSIM final status release reports including supporting documentation such as ArcView maps and sample data tables.
  • Completed field surveillance for Quality Control measures and writing updates for field procedures.


  • Providing Health Physics Support to the prime contractor, which include the following positions:
    • Radiation Safety Officer: responsible for the implementation and oversite of the radiation protection program. Duties include; planning, reviewing and approving work plans for all radiological field events and regulatory compliance with governing agencies. Responsible for directing the Assistant RSO(s) on implementing field procedures.
    • Assistant Radiation Safety Officer: responsible for implementing and directing field radiological procedures and direction of all technicians. On an annual, semi-annual and/or quarterly basis perform field surveillances for Quality Assurance (QA) purposes. Review and sign all field radiological contamination reports, field instrumentation QA forms and pre-job briefings. Also responsible for on-site general radiological conditions training.
    • Lead Sample Coordinator: responsible for all field sampling activities at both sites including; Chain of Custody control, sample number generation, sample submission to an on-site laboratory, sample data management, assist in quarterly NPDS report generation and health physics support when needed
    • Lead Radiation Protection Technician: responsible for site remediation activities support including; ArcView GIS map development for exaction guidance, gamma walkover survey oversite, personnel response and attendance, guiding excavations, and coordinating with the field engineers
    • Senior Radiation Protection Technician: responsible for contamination control at excavations, gamma walkover surveys, building material surveys, personnel surveys, equipment surveys guiding excavations and excavation health physics support such as general air sampling and breathing zone air monitoring.

Laboratory Services Support (2016 - Present)

  • Providing radiological laboratory support
    • Sample preparation for gamma and alpha
    • Gamma spectroscopy analysis
    • Data management
    • Data validation

On-Site Safety Support and Training (2013 - Present)

  • Providing on-site safety training
    • HAZWOPER refresher
    • First Aid and CPR
    • OSHA Excavation Competent person training
    • OSHA Certified Safety Professional (CSP) services and Consulting

US Army Corps of EngineersIowa Army Ammunition Plant (IAAP) (2004 – Present)
The IAAAP is a weapons testing and production facility and the major contaminant of concern is Depleted Uranium fragmentation.

  • Radiation Protection Manager for MARSSIM based soil sampling
  • Perform Health Physics over-site for MARSSIM based characterization sampling.
  • Instrumentation set-up, operation quality control
  • Perform on-site Radiation worker training for subcontractors.
  • Senior Health Physics support, GPS assisted gamma walkover survey for Depleted Uranium and contamination control
  • GPS assisted gamma radiation walkover surveys and data collections for site characterization and verification of remedial activities

US Army Corps of EngineersNiagara Falls Storage Site, Lewiston, New York (1998 – 2009)

  • Project manager for the remedial investigation and feasibility study at the Niagara Falls Storage Site
  • Completed MARSSIM-based gamma-walkover survey of the entire 200-acre site
  • Actively participated and served as key-presenter in Public Workshops to inform public stakeholders of the past, current and future activities at the facility
  • Installation of soil borings and monitoring wells to further delineate contaminant plumes
  • Characterized and containerized legacy hazardous and radioactive wastes stored at the facility
  • Provided health-physics support during trenching activities for the installation of a site security system
  • Development and management of an efficient data management system and GIS interface. The system incorporated analytical and lithological data from hundreds of soil borings and wells and housed over 100,000 analytical data records
  • Lead support during the data analysis phase of radiological risk assessment
  • Field Manager for well installation and soil borings
  • Field Manager responsible for safety during well installation requiring OSHA construction 30-hour training
  • Health Physics Support during surveillance fence installation around the containment structure

US Army Corps of EngineersShallow Land Disposal Area (SLDA), Armstrong County, PA (2009 – 2010)

  • Currently hold a prime contract with the USACE to provide program liaison between the USACE, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the site stakeholders
  • Provided Certified Health Physicist (CHP) support for remediation and radiation protection plan(s) development

US Air Force LogoBOMARK Missile Site, Lakehurst, NJ (2004 – 2005)

  • Provided Health Physics Support during field investigation of TCE contamination plume near the Pine Barrens Forest in Lakehurst, NJ
  • Responsible for All equipment set-up and daily response checks
  • Provided health physics coverage for all personnel and equipment.
  • Scanned and surveyed all personnel and equipment prior to exit from investigation areas.
  • Assisted water sampling crew with GPS operations and GIS mapping
  • Completed an informational gamma radiation scan survey on the BOMARC missile site

US Army Corps of EngineersLinde Site, Tonawanda, NY (2001 – 2002)

  • Provided Health Physics Support during field investigation. Responsible for instrumentation set up, check-in, response testing, quality control, and daily inspection.
  • Developed the Radiation Protection Program (RPP) database to store and interpret all radiological scan data generated during investigative activities

NASA LogoNASA Glen Research Center Plum Brook Station, Sandusky, OH: (2017 – 2019)
Provided radiation health physics support to the NASA research team during the demolition and removal of the existing cyclotron.

Building Surveys

  • Provided health physics oversite during demolition and removal of Cyclotron
  • Performed periodic surveys of tools, floors and walls to ensure contamination control
  • Designed and executed MARSSIM based Final Status Survey
  • Provided instrumentation Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Prepared and submitted MARSSIM survey to the NRC for it's final release

US Air Force LogoJoint Base Elmendorf and Richardson (JBER) Anchorage, AK: (2016 – 2018)
Building a vapor intrusion study in support of the JBER to comply with the Alaska EPA recommendations. Focused on known TCE groundwater contamination areas and adjacent buildings. Duties included:

Building Surveys

  • Inspected over 120 buildings and assessed the best candidates for vapor intrusion sampling.
  • Demarcated 30 buildings and scheduled them for vapor sampling
  • Met with each building superintendent to discuss historical building use and any events resulting in building damage or structural breaches
  • Mapped and diagramed buildings including utilities and flooring materials
  • Identified likely sample locations

NASA LogoNASA Glen Research Center Plum Brook Station, Sandusky, OH: (2015 – 2017)
Provided radiation health physics support to the NASA research team during a research and development project. The project included the use of a linear particle accelerator in an attempt to activate metals containing certain physical properties and/or characteristics.

Building Surveys

  • Provided health physics oversite during radiological scanning, sample removal, and building entrance and exit
  • Provided sample preparation for analysis
  • Operated a beta scintillation machine and reported the results
  • Operated the gamma spectroscopy unit and recorded the results and reported data
  • Operated the Tennelec multiple smear counter and documented the results

USEPA LogoUSEPA Region 3 Peck Iron Facility: (2014 – 2016)
The Peck Iron facility is a 32 acre Superfund site located in Norfolk, VA. Superfund site contaminant of concern is Lead and PCB soil contamination. Radiological hazards in radio luminescence products containing radium 226.

  • Support field investigation activities including soil sampling, water sampling, sediment sampling as well as creek, river and tributary water sampling.
  • Provided a GPS assisted gamma walkover survey and color-coded map locating over 132 areas of elevated activity
  • Provided a comprehensive radionuclide identification of 15 areas of elevated activity
  • AVESI wrote a radiation protection plan and submitted it for approval to the EPA. The plan was approved with no comments or recommendations
  • Implemented the radiation protection plan for all field activities
  • Provided Radiation Worker Training to all personnel entering and working in excess of 80 hours on-site
  • Provided an air monitoring program
  • AVESI provided a dosimetry program
  • AVESI assisted field sampling efforts and sample preparation for shipment

U.S. Department of Energy LogoDepartment of Energy (DOE) Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant: (2013 – 2015)
Provided entry-level engineer support for warehouse and storage facility. Maintained 2 part-time entry-level positions to support shipping and receiving and stacking of the storage and supply room.

  • Provided properly trained and qualified entry-level technicians
  • Assisted with inventory and storage database
  • Assisted with reordering

US Army Corps of EngineersNORCO Vicinity Properties Remediation, St. Louis MO (2010 – 2011)

  • Provided Safety Professional to oversee remediation activities including excavation safety, utility location, safety toolbox meeting support and daily safety walk-downs of excavation, equipment storage area, tool storage area etc…
  • Provided Health Physics support during remediation activities including sampling, equipment surveys, personnel surveys, air sampling, tool surveys, and gamma walkover surveys

US Army Corps of EngineersHarshaw Chemical, Cleveland, OH (2001 – 2007)

  • Provided health physics support during field investigations
  • Developed an analytical database to summarize and interpret radiological survey results
  • Completed MARSSIM based survey on all buildings and soils
  • Developed a sampling procedure for building roof material
  • Health Physics support for all investigations including well installations, Thorium Data gap investigation, subsurface soil sampling, well development and waste characterization and disposition of Investigative Derived Waste (IDW)
  • Soil sampling on all adjacent Investigation Areas
  • XRF survey and sample preparation

US Navy LogoEl Toro Site, El Toro, CA (2008 – 2009)

  • Provided Health Physics Support during remedial activity of radiation-contaminated debris trenches.
  • Completed GPS assisted gamma walkover surveys for every 6-inch lift of soil for up to 10ft in depth
  • Completed GIS mapping and radioactive anomaly investigation, identification and removal of a radioactive anomaly for temporary on-site storage
  • Provided health physics coverage for all personnel and equipment.
  • Scanned and surveyed all personnel and equipment prior to exit from investigation areas.

US Army Corps of EngineersIowa Army Ammunition Plant (IAAP) (2016 – Present)
The IAAAP is a weapons testing and production facility and the major contaminant of concern is Depleted Uranium fragmentation.

  • Radiation Protection Manager for MARSSIM based soil sampling
  • Perform Health Physics oversite for MARSSIM based characterization sampling.
  • Instrumentation set-up, operation quality control

US Army Corps of EngineersMadison Site Extrusion Building, Madison County, IL (2000 – 2001)

  • Health Physics support during site sampling activities
  • Responsible for the execution of the MARSSIM based final status survey plan; Surveys included all impacted structures as well as contamination extent and migration path samples
  • Assisted in collecting data with the ISOCS machine
  • Completed independent verification post-remediation

US Army Corps of EngineersPainesville Site, Painesville, OH (2001 – 2002)

  • Developed a remedial investigation database to track site-wide analytical results
  • Conducted field investigations which included the collection of all media types including soil, groundwater, surface water and sediment
  • GIS/ArcView gamma walkover survey
  • Development of sum-of-ratio (SOR) analyses to determine volume estimates for remediation