Radiological Health Physics Support Projects

Niagara Falls Storage Site (NFSS) Waste Characterization – Lewiston, NY
The NFSS is located in western New York and is approximately 191 acres in area and was used during the war era as a TNT manufacturing facility. Currently, part of the site serves as an underground storage facility for radioactive waste. During 2009, AVESI provided health physics support to characterize “legacy” waste that had been stored on site for many years. Several hundred containers were characterized as part of this effort and samples were sent to the laboratory for further characterization and analysis.

NFSS Remedial Investigation Report Addendum – Lewiston, NY
As part of the ongoing effort to characterize the NFSS site, groundwater and soil samples were collected to identify any potential contamination. During 2009, AVESI provided health physics support during the investigation to identify any possible radiological impacts during the intrusive activities. AVESI also provided health physics surveying of all investigative derived waste collected during this field operation.

St. Louis Downtown and Airport Sites – St. Louis, MO
In February 2008 AVESI was awarded the contract for the Radiological Technical Support Services at the St. Louis Downtown Site and the St. Louis Airport Site with Shaw Environmental, Inc. This contract includes the base year with four option years. AVESI provides the Health Physics staff onsite including 9 fulltime positions and several temporary positions. Consulting services are also provided as requested.

Harshaw FUSRAP Site – Cleveland OH
AVESI provided health physics support in the form of a Senior Radiation Protection Technician/Radiation Protection Manager to the Harshaw FUSRAP site in Cleveland, OH. The scope involved implementation of Health Physics procedures during intrusive and non-intrusive field investigations and radiological waste classification and shipping.

Great Lakes Naval Base – Chicago, IL
AVESI provided health physics technician support at the Great Lakes Naval Base near Chicago, IL from September 2007 through November 2007.

Defense Logistics Agency – New Haven, IN
In September of 2007, AVESI concluded the operation of its gamma spectroscopy and sample preparation laboratory at the New Haven, Indiana site of the Defense Logistics Agency. During this three month operation AVESI supplied the gamma spectroscopy, the laboratory operator, a senior health physics technician and a junior health physics technician.

Radiological Equipment Support
AVESI has purchased radiological equipment for various sites. Recently our consultants purchased and set up two GPS units for the St. Louis SAIC FUSRAP office. In April of 2006, AVESI completed a procurement contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs at Fort Detrick AFB. The contract required AVESI to manufacture and deliver 13 custom FIDLER (Field Instrument for the Detection of Low Energy Radiation) probes to Brooks AFB in Texas.