Health and Safety Commitment

AVESI is committed to safety. Our employees understand that safety, health and loss prevention is the responsibility of everyone on staff. We take pride in our safety culture and our perfect safety record. It is a condition of employment that all AVESI employees work safely and follow established safety rules and procedures.

AVESI is committed to conducting its business in a manner that protects the health and safety of our employees, customers, business partners, community neighbors, and the environment. We will proactively pursue compliance with applicable environmental, health and safety regulatory requirements; support pollution prevention and waste
reduction initiatives; encourage reuse and recycling, conserve natural resources; proactively seek to reduce injuries and illnesses; and incorporate leading environmental, health and safety practices into our product and business service offerings. We will accomplish these high standards of performance through strong environmental, health and safety management systems integrated within our business planning and decision-making processes, and will periodically evaluate our environmental, health and safety performance in order to ensure attainment of these standards and to promote continuous improvement.

The operating philosophy of the company is that no job is too important or too small that we cannot devote the appropriate time and resources to protect our most
important asset — our employees. The Corporate Safety Manager is responsible for supporting the implementation of this policy and supporting various project sites as they develop and implement their health and safety programs.